Special Valentine's Day #Penpalooza Edition: EXTRA! EXTRA! GET YOUR EXTRA PENPAL HERE!

Hello #Penpalooza Members!

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Here’s hoping you are all having a lovely Valentine’s Day (that is, if you celebrate it)!

SO! Here is a pen pal matching post, as promised in the last newsletter. Many of you have emailed us lately asking for new pen pals based on certain criteria like language or interest. As this service is meant to be pretty random (and that’s one of the joys of it!) we don’t always have the ability to match you beyond general location. So we have decided to open a thread here for newsletter subscribers to find new people to write to, especially if your mailbox has been empty lately and you want to fill it back up. Even if you already have a few good correspondences going, you can feel free to scoop up one or two new ones to get you through winter/the long, dragging cold pandemic days. So! Here is what you do!

Post below with the following information:

-A bit about yourself that you wish to share (general country or state location, any other interests with regards to letter writing and beyond)

-A bit about what you are looking for in a new correspondence: someone from a particular part of the world, someone who wants to just exchange postcards, someone who wants to write in French or Italian, a tea or polaroid exchange, someone who wants to write really long letters, someone who wants to do a game of correspondence chess or a letter-based book club, etc.

- A way to get in touch with you that is NOT your address. Please DO NOT POST YOUR ADDRESS HERE (posts with addresses will be deleted). Instead, you can list an email address where someone can reach out to you, or a Twitter handle where someone can mutually follow you and you can connect in the DMs. You can also chat back and forth in one another’s comments about connecting, and then move your chat off this forum to exchange addresses in whatever way you feel most comfortable!

- Please note that any post that does not follow the format above and/or is not about finding a new pen pal will be deleted. This thread is for finding new penpals ONLY. Please stick to the task at hand. If this thread veers off the prompt, we may have to disable it entirely, so to keep it fun for everyone, please stick to finding matches.

Also: a quick note on the discussion thread idea more generally: it was always meant to be an experiment! For now, we realize that we lack the moderation tools/ability to run regular discussions with such a large group. Substack does not have too many tools for moderating large forums, and as we are just a few people running this program on nights and weekends in between full-time jobs, right now we really want to devote any extra time we have to answering your emails, managing the Elfster exchange, and getting you the newsletter. Also, the #Penpalooza hashtag has taken on a real life of its own on Twitter, and we want to respect and support the community you have all built over on that platform. IT IS TRULY WONDERFUL. So, if you want to talk paper and pens and everything else in between, go over to Twitter, hang out on the tag, and share your envelopes and stamps and letter inspirations there! WE DO LOVE TO SEE IT.

Meanwhile, please find each other below, stick to the prompt, make new matches, and KEEP WRITING LETTERS! New newsletter drops in a few weeks!